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Hello and Welcome to our Fairy Shop.  Fairies here, there and everywhere.  At Enchanted Fairy Woods, we Love Fairies.  Therefore our mission is to bring you fairies in all shapes, sizes and colours.  Whether you are an adult collector or are buying for a child, you are sure to find something amongst our products.

Fairy Wings are an essential component of any fairy costume, and our unique range of fairy wings will out-shimmer and out-shine all the rest.  We stock fairy tutu’s to suit all ages from 3-6, 7-8 and teens and even older fairies.

Our Fairy Shop is filled with magic and enchantment with lots of fairy gifts from Fairy Dust and Fairy Toothbox’s, to Fairy Houses and accessories for Fairy Gardens.  Our Fairy Gifts and Fairy Costumes will please even the most discerning and aspiring of Fairy Lovers.

Encourage the fairies to relocate to your garden by building them a beautiful Fairy Garden, or even Fairy Village with our unique ranges of Fairy Houses and Collectable Ornaments, using real plants, plant pots, window box’s or a special flower bed in your garden.





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